Saturday, 24 May 2008


Seems people don't want to go through the rigmarole of leaving a comment here (sorry for putting the barriers up but I don't want people cleverer than me showing me up), so here are a few:

2/4th and the battle of Cairns: I've had from a horse's mouth that some very gruesome things were intentionally left out of the book 'Tidal River to Tarakan'. For example: Timorese children playing football with people's heads. No details though as to whether they were Australian, Japanese, Timorese, Dutch or Portuguese heads.

Bad Luck Brigs 1: The granddaughter of Jack Byron. Mad Jack may not have had much luck (nor indeed his crews), but his progeny were quite something: as well as fathering the poet as mentioned, he was grandfather to the presciently, if rather unfortunately, (taking into consideration the majority of traffic on the internet) titled
Ada. She is credited with inventing the concept of the computer. That family seemed to have a habit of dying young didn't they. Lucky for us they were high achievers.


1. I've been told by the second best cataloguer in NZ (and will be the best should Pleasance Purser ever wish to lay down the mantle) that I should watch my spelling.

2. An ex-newspaper journalist/editor (who worked the business back when a high level of literacy was required for the job – no offence intended to the NY Times, London Times, the Guardian, Le Monde, and the German broadsheets) says I should watch my grammar; tells me which rules I've broken, but not where. Reading that last sentence over I'm sure I've broken another one.

It seems I need an editor.

and last but by no means least:

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